Carmichael is a five-piece band out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Its members are: Eric Carmichael on guitar and vocals, Nick Christie on guitar and vocals, Lindsay Harness on upright bass and vocals, Costin Ritter on drums and percussion, and Jamie Mahan on keys.

Carmichael creates unique and varied musical pieces that challenge the band's genre categorization. Their catalogue has been classified in everything from Rock, Alt-Country, Americana, Neo-Folk, Tex-Mex, Soul, Alternative, to Indie Rock. Each song provides a new blend of sounds from the previous. Carmichael utilizes the vocal talents of its members by switching lead vocalists and employing harmonies.

The band's primary focus, beneath the surface of the musical arrangements, is the content of the lyrics and the artistic aim of the writer. Alongside refined harmonies, noteworthy musicianship, and varied style, Carmichael's songs offer a deeper region of examination and reflection for its listeners. 

Photos by Tiernae Salley