“Carmichael reminds us that what good bands do best is send us out the door repeating catchy melodies in our heads…Good rock-and-roll turns over the loose earth in our brains. Great rock-and-roll stays in our heads and gets us through a long week at work. Carmichael does all of that.” ~National Road Magazine

"A step softer than rock, a notch harder than folk, and a sound that stops just short of going full country…” ~ WFYI, NPR



Carmichael’s founding members and primary songwriters are Eric Carmichael and Nick Christie. Hailing from a small suburb in a land-locked world of car dealerships, high school basketball games, and empty lots, Eric and Nick sowed the seeds of what they call the “Marion Sound.” It was fresh yet familiar; steeped in rich and harmonious melody, shimmery spring reverb, stereo classic-rock vibe, some move and some groove, and the occasional dual guitar solo for pomp and flare. When Costin Ritter joined, the pair was gifted the rhythmic stylings of Ringo Starr and Levon Helm, kindly flavored with a pinch of Latin and Bossa Nova when applicable or feeling spicy. With the addition of Jamie Mahan’s country space-rock swirling, soul-exorcizing palm-slides, and Jeff Lynn-like synthesizer super-swells, Carmichael evolved into its purest and finest form. The “Marion Sound” is the sonic medium for the band’s evocative lyrics, which offer a deeper region of examination and reflection for Carmichael’s listeners.


Photos by Tiernae Salley